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DI Bliss #4

The Reach of Shadows starts with a bang:

'The curious thing to his mind was how loud his bare feet sounded as they slapped against the sodden pavement, puddles exploding and spattering his legs from the knee down with rainwater the colour of thin gravy. The way the sound reverberated along the quiet streets, he might as well have been wearing clogs. As his legs and arms pumped and the muscles that worked them burned, the thin cotton dressing gown he wore flapped behind him like a superhero’s cloak. He was only subliminally aware of these things, because his direct focus remained on the figure ahead. The one he had chased from his back garden, and who was now steadily increasing the gap between them. Much to his disgust.

I’m too old for this shit, Bliss thought.

His body agreed.'

Early reviews suggest this is the best Bliss yet, and the word most often used is 'emotional'. A few readers have said they both laughed and cried (happily at he right times).

The fourth book in the series ties together many elements of Jimmy Bliss's back story, brings him team together both around him and in order to find a brutal killer.

The Reach of Shadows is now available for pre-order, and the first three are currently available at a promotional price.

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