Long ago, back in the mists of time, when I was filled with ambition and brimming with ideas, I wrote a short story for a national competition. The competition was judged by an edior from Pan Books, who liked it enough to choose it as the winner, and to also publish my work in the forthcoming Dark Voices series, which had replaced the famous Pan Book of Horror Stories. And so it was that Gino's Bar and Grille became my first published piece, in Dark Voices II.

Over a short period, three more stories of mine were published: Character Role, in Fear magazine; A Grim Story, in Rattler's Tales; and then Book End, my second story for Pan in Dark Voices IV.

Following a conversation with author Brian Lumley, at a book signing for Dark Voices II, I began to feel as if I belonged amongst the writing fraternity. I also started to think that maybe, just maybe, I had a novel in me.

What followed were two horror/dark fantasy novels of moderate quality. But, I told myself, I am learning my craft. The first book of mine I even came close to liking was Degrees of Darkness, and I delighted in scaring the crap out of friends and family who read it. A follow-up never really saw the light of day.

In February 2017, Bloodhound Books announced they had signed me to their stable of writers. On 29 April they released Bad to the Bone. Bloodhound also signed me to write a second title in the series, which was released in February 2018, and is called The Scent of Guilt.

With Degrees of Darkness published in September 2017, and Scream Blue Murder following swiftly afterwards in November, it was a wonderful first year in publishing for me.


In January 2018, Bloodhound signed me for a further three books. The first, If Fear Wins, was released in May 2018. On 1 November, my sequel to Scream Blue Murder was published. - Cold Winter Sun was my sixth book for Bloodhound. The fourth book in my best-selling DI Bliss series, The Reach of Shadows, was then published on 21 January 2019. The fifth book in the series, The Death of Justice, is scheduled to be published on 9 September 2019. I am currently editing Fifteen Coffins, a thriller which will again represent a change in direction for me. Finally, book #6 in the DI Bliss series is under way.

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