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 Kindle boxset now available !

Books #1 and #2 in the Mike Lynch action-adventure series... two thrilling ripping yarns.


Mike Lynch 2 Book Boxset - Books 1 and 2: Scream Blue Murder & Cold Winter Sun

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The first book in the enthralling Mike Lynch action series.


After witnessing a murder in a lay-by, Mike Lynch snatches the victim’s car in order to get away. But having evaded his pursuer, Mike soon makes a shocking discovery – the victim’s young daughter and her nanny are hiding in the rear footwell.


Only after agreeing to help the woman and the child does Mike learn who the  murdered man was. And when he discovers who pulled the trigger he realises how much danger they are all in.


Mike has to fight for his life to protect a woman and a child he doesn’t know. And when the death count rises, he discovers who his friends are and what kind of man he really is...


The second book in the enthralling Mike Lynch action series.


When Mike Lynch’s ex-wife tells him about her new husband’s missing nephew, he offers to trace the young man with the help of his friend Terry Cochran.


Before long, the pair find themselves in New Mexico after the missing man’s car shows up, abandoned on the side of a desert road. Meanwhile, a county Sheriff and a Native American fixer find themselves drawn into the same mystery.


When two fake police officers cross their path, Mike and Terry know there is more to the missing man than meets the eye. Soon they find themselves asking exactly who it is they are really looking for, and who is looking for them...

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