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These Are The Days Of My Life

It’s been a busy old time.

Having left my publisher at the end of 2019, I created my own imprint, Spare Nib Books, and published four books in 2020: Endless Silent Scream (DI Bliss #6), Slow Slicing (DI Bliss #7), Fifteen Coffins (Standalone), and Bliss Uncovered (DI Bliss prequel novella). Along the way I wrote the first draft of The Autumn Tree (DI Bliss #8) and the first 30,000 words of what I hope will be the first book in a new series.

So far this year I’ve published a 3 book DI Bliss kindle boxset including the books published last year, and after getting my publishing rights back, I have re-released my standalone, Degrees of Darkness. I’m currently editing The Autumn Tree, which I hope to publish in late May or early June. When I’m done with that I’ll be returning to the other book I mentioned. Its working title is The Huntsmen. It’s another crime novel, this time set in Wiltshire. If it works out the way I’d intended and I’m happy with it, I’ll make a decision then about its future.

I’ll try to post blogs more regularly, and will do the same with my newsletters, especially when I have news and offers.


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