The journey began with Bad to the Bone, the first in a series featuring detectives Jimmy Bliss and Penny Chandler, and part of an initial two book deal with Bloodhound Books. In September 2017, Bloodhound published my psychological crime thriller, Degrees of Darkness, in which ex-detective Frank Rogers hunts down the man who abducted his daughter after first murdering Frank's ex-wife and son.  In November 2017 came Scream Blue Murder, a fast-paced action thriller which saw a weary and dispirited Mike Lynch stumbling across a shooting that results in him being hunted down for murder. February 2018 saw the publication of The Scent of Guilt, my sequel to Bad to the Bone.  In May 2018 came If Fear Wins, book three in the Bliss & Chandler series. November 2018 sees my sixth book - Cold Winter Sun is the sequel to Scream Blue Murder, and this time Mike Lynch is searching for someone at the request of his ex-wife. In January 2019, the fourth book in my best-selling DI Bliss series, The Reach of Shadows, was published, and September saw the release of Bliss #5, The Death of Justice. In March 2020 I will publish the sixth book in the series, Endless Silent Scream, and later in the same year I expect to publish the seventh, Slow Slicing, followed by a one-off novella which follows an early DI Bliss case.


Please click on the book images below to read more about the books, including blurb and reviews.

The DI Bliss Series
Bad to the Bone crime/thriller
TDoJ Cover.png
The Mike Lynch Series
CWS Cover-HiRes.png
Dark Voices II

My story, Gino's Bar and Grille won a national short story competition. The competition was judged by an editor from Pan Books, and part of my prize was publication in Dark Voices II.

2019 New Cover.png
Dark Voices IV

Two years after my initial success with Pan, I sent them another short story for consideration in their next annual release. Book End made the cut.

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