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Short Stories

Published by Creating Perfection, the proceeds go to the Help for Heroes charity.

My offering is Valentines Park, which is a crime story with a supernatural element. This is the first time I have revisited the genre in over thirty years. The 'date' described in this story is based on a real one, though I must stress the crime element is pure fiction. As for the supernatural aspect...well, I'll let you make up your own mind.


Published by the UK Crime Book Club Facebook group, this anthology features short stories written by members of the group, many of whom are popular crime writers in their own right. 

All proceeds go to a specific charity.

My offering is a Bliss and Chandler story, Mission Accomplished, in which the pair travel to Ireland to visit Jimmy's mother. Bliss has a feeling there is more to a late evening encounter with a petrol station owner than initially met the eye, and when the two detectives carry out a clandestine investigation what they discover is far from what they imagined they might.


My story, Gino's Bar and Grille won a national short story competition. The competition was judged by an editor from Pan Books, and part of my prize was publication in Dark Voices II.


Two years after my initial success with Pan, I sent them another short story for consideration in their next annual release. Book End made the cut.

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