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Hello 2019

2018 was quite a year. For a start, I had three books published. First came The Scent of Guilt, the sequel to Bad to the Bone, which was quickly followed by the third book in the DI Bliss series, If Fear Wins. Later in the year it was the turn of Mike Lynch to make a reappearance in Cold Winter Sun. The triple pack of DI Bliss books was also released.

I attended my first ever Harrogate Crime Writing festival and had a wonderfully exhausting and boozy long weekend getting to meet fellow authors, readers and bloggers. I also got to an event put on by my publishers attended by authors, bloggers and readers, and was thrilled to meet some fans of my work.

I also managed to get a fair bit of writing done along the way, the fruits of which will be seen this coming year.

Which begins with the publication of the fourth book in my DI Bliss series, The Reach of Shadows, later this month. As usual I am nervous, but I am also looking forward to this one. It’s a book in which many strands of Bliss’s past are tied up, and I also happen to think it’s my best Bliss yet.

What else? Well, I’ve been invited to attend a book group meeting in order to speak to and answer questions from members who will by then have read If Fear Wins. That’s scheduled for April. In May I’m appearing at the Deeping Literary festival, and it will be brilliant to attend a great local event. As for further releases, I will soon have the fifth book in the Bliss series ready after its final deep edit, and one way or another intend for that to be published later in the year. I am also working on two new projects, neither of which I am looking at purely as stand-alone novels. One features my first female lead, whilst the other peers into the darker side of crime and murder.

I hope to make this year’s Harrogate event, and if there’s another author event on anywhere I’ll certainly look forward to meeting even more bloggers and readers and any authors I may not yet have met. How and when all of the above is achieved is another matter entirely, but the one thing I can be certain of is that given decent health I will be strapped to my desk five days a week writing, editing, or thinking about writing or editing.

Have a great 2019 all!


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