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Guest Blog - Tony Millington

Introduction by Tony J Forder

Last year I attended a large book signing event held in my own city of Peterborough. During the day I had the pleasure of engaging in conversation with a man by the name of Tony Millington. Intrigued by my first book, Bad to the Bone, because it featured a fictional DI and a whole cast of characters working in our city, Tony took a chance and bought it. He and I have met since, and have also been in regular contact via social media. I knew that he was writing his own crime novel, and I was absolutely thrilled when he got a publishing deal with the new Indie company, Britain’s Next Best Seller, run by another author who attended that same event, David McCaffrey (author of Hellbound).

Unsilent Grief is Tony’s first novel. Here, in this short guest post, Tony Millington introduces himself and his writing:

Thank you Tony for inviting me to do a guest slot.

Unslient Grief is my debut novel. The saying goes that everyone has a book in them, so I thought why not give it a try. It’s a crime novel which follows the detectives of the West Ravenswood Police Criminal Detective Agency. It is written both in terms of the detectives and the person they are trying to catch. I am in the process of writing the follow up.

As for myself, I was born in Warrington, Cheshire in 1967, and lived in Lymm Cheshire just of Junction 21 of the M6. The M6 was at the bottom of our garden, and the Bridgewater Canal ran along the bottom of the road. Great play areas along with the Dam. We moved to South Luffenham in Rutland in 1981 when I was 13 due to my father’s job. He was a Civil Servant in the Prison Service.

After leaving education with 8 O Levels, I have had various jobs. These included lifeguard in Majorca, baker at Morrisons, white van man and other temp jobs. The best and most satisfying was working for the MOD as a civil servant. Buying equipment for the Tri-Services. Standing on the wing of a VC10 while it was being refitted out and working on the Pegasus engines for the Harrier being highlights.

After 15 years I was made redundant. I have been married to my beautiful wife Ann for 22 years, and we have one son Richard who is at Sheffield University. It was Ann that gave me the kick start to write when I was unemployed. Something to keep my mind busy. I met David McCaffrey from BNBS at last year’s Dark Side of Fiction in Peterborough, and he encouraged me to send my manuscript through to them and it grew from then until today joining the ranks of published authors.

Thank you

Tony's book is available here.

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