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What Dies Inside Us - Ebook (1).jpg


When the police are unable to find a body, they are forced to dismiss a homeless veteran’s claim that he witnessed a homicide. But after he is found murdered in the same spot two days later, DI Bliss and the Major Crime Unit set their sights on catching a ruthless killer.

Elsewhere, when the daughter of a cuckooed family is reported to have attempted suicide, Jimmy Bliss and DC Penny Chandler have their doubts and vow to uncover the truth. But the situation is about to get much worse, and violence is certain to erupt on the city streets.

In his final two investigations before retiring from the police force, Bliss undergoes a desperate search for answers. Answers that prove to be as elusive as the identities of the men making so many people’s lives a complete misery. But with his colleagues every bit as determined to bring these people to justice, the team use all of their experience and insight to uncover the one lead they need to make a breakthrough in both cases…

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