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The Scent of Guilt

Published on 17 February 2018.

Twelve years after he left Peterborough under a cloud, DI Bliss returns to the city and the major crimes team. Having spent years policing organised crime, Bliss is plunged straight into the heart of a serial murder investigation.


Meanwhile, Penny Chandler has been promoted to DS and has been working in London on the Met’s sexual crimes team. But when two rapes are reported on her old patch in Peterborough, Chandler volunteers to interview the victims.


Chandler joins the hunt for the attacker and soon notices a possible link between the rapes and Bliss’s murder investigation. Could the same man be responsible?


Just as both cases seem to stall, a call comes in from an ex-policeman who knows of unsolved cases in the USA with a similar MO. Bliss finds himself travelling to California to hunt for a killer whose reach may have stretched further than anyone could possibly imagine.


But in order to catch the murderer, Bliss must discover the killer’s motive. A motive which should have remained buried in the past…



"A truly brilliant read. I look forward to more from DI Bliss and the very talented Tony Forder."

"The Scent of Guilt is a clever and twisted novel that will have you reading well past your bedtime and if it is the first in the series you have read, it will have you jumping over to Amazon to buy the first and heading over to Twitter to nag the author to get the next written. It had my breath caught, my brain hooked and my senses in overdrive; twists and turns will keep you hooked til the very last page. Read it!"

"Brilliantly written and a fascinating read that, in my opinion, could happily stand shoulder to shoulder with works from the likes of Rankin and Connelly."

"I loved this book and have become a huge fan of this author."

"The Scent of Guilt is a emotional read with many surprising twists and turns. I look forward to reading more by Tony J. Forder."

"Wow! This author has a gift for writing that few other authors possess."

"The writing is taut, the story gripping and the ending very satisfying. More please!"

"Another superb novel from the excellent Bloodhound Books and the impressive Tony J Forder."

"The book has everything you could ever want in a book: great story line, great and interesting characters that just keep you glued to the book."

"Tony Forder is now one of my favorite British authors."

"The finale was awesome."

"A fantastic read with great characters. Couldn't put it down. 5*"

"If your looking for a well written police thriller then I highly recommend you set time aside and devour these books. Can’t wait to read more from this author."

"This is a well written crime thriller that I would definitely recommend to lovers of this genre."

"Bliss is a wonderful, flawed believable character."

"Tony Forder is one hell of a storyteller....Having read his other books...this is perhaps his finest work..Bliss and Chandler are a great pair...A brilliant read by one of my top ten authors..."

"The author is an extremely talented writer and the story flows along, intricate and engaging."

"Another fantastic read by Tony J Forder, I don't think this author has written anything that I have not thoroughly enjoyed, and have been absolutely gutted when it ends."

"The Scent of Guilt may be an intriguing mystery with superb characterisation and riveting action but it's also a contemplative examination of what makes somebody evil."

"An absolutely brilliant read and well worth the 5 stars."

"Characters with real depth, having a little back story to them so make them “live” on the pages rather than flat, one dimensional descriptions. A truly brilliant read."

"This is a fabulous read again, with heart in your mouth moments that just seal the deal on this little beauty. Loved it!"

"Five stars from me - fast paced, great plot -another brilliant book and another of the author's that I have given 5 stars!!"

"A fantastic read with great characters. Couldn't put it down. 5*"

"This book was excellent. Smart writing. Characters are great. Work well together and make a great team. Great storyline. Held my interest from page one. Can't wait to read more by author and more in this series."

"Although this book can be read as a stand alone I strongly advise you to not only read the first book in the series, Bad to the Bone, but also everything else Tony Forder has written. So you may guess now that I am a bit of a fan. There is just something about his writing that makes the stories feel like they could be headlines in the daily papers or I could switch on the tv to Sky News to see if one or another of these crimes have been solved. They just feel so real but with the added bonus of me feeling part of the team and having inside knowledge of how it is all coming together or not!."

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