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Spare Nib Books

At the end of 2019, I decided to leave my then publisher to go on my own. There were a number of reasons for making that decision, perhaps the least controversial of which was my unhappiness at their drive to steer me away from my DI Bliss series towards creating something new. I very much felt there was more to come from the series - in fact I genuinely believed my best work was ahead of me, and so I refused and we parted ways.


I created Spare Nib Books to function as part of my existing company, TJF Solutions. In March 2020, I published my first book under that imprint. Endless Silent Scream, book 6 in my DI Bliss series, sold beyond my wildest dreams. The reviews were also amazing. I knew then that I’d made the right decision. Since being told that my crime series was on the wane, I’ve published several more Bliss novels and a novella. Each of them have exceeded all expectations in terms of both sales and how they have been received by readers.


Bridge Over a Lake

I’ve also published a standalone, and republished 8 other books whose rights were returned to me in December 2020. But even though my self-publishing quest has been a successful one so far, when I wrote the first book in a new UK crime series, I took a step back to ask myself if this was the time to seek a publisher. Having weighed the pros and cons, I decided to stick to what I was doing. There are times in any venture when the business side can become stressful, but overall I felt that I had become comfortable in giving my own work a title I was happy with, working with my own cover designer, editor, and typesetter, plus setting my own deadlines, prices and promotions. And while I've subsequently been offered the chance to be published elsewhere, I'm confident that the decision I made to remain independent in respect of my physical and kindle books is the best one for me.

Just to add, audible versions of my work are published by WF Howes Ltd, a company I am proud to work with.


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Here are the books I’ve published so far under Spare Nib Books:


Bad to the Bone (DI Bliss #1) – previously published

The Scent of Guilt (DI Bliss #2) – previously published

If Fear Wins (DI Bliss #3) – previously published

The Reach of Shadows (DI Bliss #4) – previously published

The Death of Justice (DI Bliss #5) – previously published

Endless Silent Scream (DI Bliss #6) – original SNB publication

Slow Slicing (DI Bliss #7) – original SNB publication

The Autumn Tree (DI Bliss #8) – original SNB publication

Bliss Uncovered (DI Bliss Prequel Novella) – original SNB publication

Darker Days to Come (DI Bliss #9) – original SNB publication

The Lightning Rod (DI Bliss #10) - original SNB publication

What Dies Inside Us (DI Bliss #11) – original SNB publication

Scream Blue Murder (Mike Lynch #1) – previously published

Cold Winter Sun (Mike Lynch #2) – previously published

Fifteen Coffins (Standalone) – original SNB publication

Degrees of Darkness (Standalone) – previously published

The Huntsmen (DS Chase #1) – original SNB publication

The Predators (DS Chase #2) – original SNB publication

Books in progress

Something More To Say (DI Bliss #12)

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