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August 2022


I’m currently deep into my next DI Bliss novel, The Lightning Rod. I had intended to be writing the second book in my new DS Chase series, but having moved home earlier this year and having had a great deal of work done to the new gaff, my writing has been somewhat truncated. I found myself unable to get back into the groove, nor could I summon up the Chase and DC Laney voices, so switched across to the more familiar Bliss and the major crime unit. The cover is done, awaiting only the pages in between. I hope to publish this one in November.




As already mentioned, I should be putting together DS Chase #2. That will definitely be the next book after The Lightning Rod. It’s called The Predators, and I was about a dozen chapters into it when my life got so busy I had to set it aside. This book will, I hope, be available from spring 2023.




On the evening of 24 October, I will be appearing alongside Victoria Selman, Elly Griffiths, William Shaw, and my police advisor and fellow author, Graham Bartlett, for a Q&E event at Goldsboro Books in Brighton. The event is being organised by Donna Morfett, promoter and publicist for all things related to the fictional world of crime.