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Latest News

First up for 2023 in the news that I am on a panel at an exciting literary event in Brighton. It's on for a day in late February, and there will be a whole bunch of writers being interviews and doing 'meet-and-greets'. Should be a terrific day.














If you're interested in attending, click here for further info. Reputedly it's coming back later in the year, so who knows, I may even get invited to that one, too.


In the first half of this year I am looking forward to releasing The Predators, which is the second book in my Wiltshire-based DS Chase series. Later on I hope to also publish the eleventh – and final – book in my DI Bliss series. For fans of the character, fear not, because although this is Jimmy’s last case before he hands in his warrant card, retirement is merely a precursor to a new career as a civilian SIO (Senior Investigating Officer) who also works cold cases. I thought long and hard about how to cater for Bliss’s retirement, and I think this route allows me to develop the character even further. That’s for 2024, of course. The year of my own official retirement. Whilst at this stage I have no plans to retire from writing, I do think it’s likely that my output will fall away to one book a year. After all, there’s much to explore in our new surroundings, and it’d be nice to slow down a little.


But we’ll see. I am what I am, and I write when I write. I think it will probably take the loss of certain faculties for me to stop writing altogether. But let’s see what I write this time next year, shall we.

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