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Review of Bad To The Bone

May 2017

Having spent a short time living in Peterborough, and still visiting occasionally I immediately had a connection and sense of place. Tony, brings the area to life within the pages.

James Bliss and Penny Chandler are a great team, you feel their relationship is established within the first few pages. I was also interested in The Bone Woman - Emily Grant which brought an interesting element to the story. I am hoping to read, learn more about her in the future.

They really have got their work cut out for them with the skeleton being so old, and time is against them with fresh murders, that are suspiciously linked.

Tony has brought us a new Police Procedural Series, that has a powerful start and impressive characters. A plot that thickens and lures you within the first few pages and keeps you there. I am looking forward to see what happens next....

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