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My Guest Appearance

My sincere thanks to Emma Mitchell for allowing me to guest on her wonderful blog, Emma The Little Bookwork, here at:

The guest blog features below, but please take time to visit Emma's site.

Author Takeover

I am handing over the blog to author, Tony Forder today as he discusses the book turned TV series, Bosch …

Anyone who enjoys reading novels by Michael Connelly will have been thrilled in recent years to have seen Harry Bosch take to the screen for the first time. Titus Welliver has done a great job making Bosch come alive in our homes, and it has been a thrill seeing all of the great Harry Bosch series’ characters step off the page so vividly. Even the city of Los Angeles has become a character of sorts.

Amazon have done an amazing job with all three seasons of Bosch. It helps, of course, to have the author himself as a hands-on producer. I suspect he will have played a huge role in selecting the novels to use for these shows. Each season has neatly stitched together storylines from two or three books, and the results are seamless.

Michael Connelly has sold over 58 million books worldwide. Just pause a moment to think about that – 58 million books. Not quite so astonishing if you are a fan, however, because if you are then you can see why people can’t wait for his next offering. The quality of his work, his plotting, detail and characterisation, are a joy to behold.

This summer, Connelly introduces us to a new lead character, in Renee Ballard, a driven young detective trying to prove herself in the LAPD. The Late Show is the first of two Connelly novels due this year, the second of which is Two Kinds of Truth, which sees the second novel in which Harry Bosch spends his time working as a volunteer cop working cold cases for the San Fernando police.

One can only hope that Ballard is another of those Connelly creations who get under your skin in the same way that Mickey Haller, Jack McEvoy, Rachel Walling and Terry McCaleb have done over the years – especially those who have featured as the lead character. At some point we may even see a crossover featuring Bosch, Haller and Ballard (I’m sure the author will already have given that possibility some thought).

Meanwhile, whilst the written version of Bosch is nearing the end of his career, the screen version is in rude health. Season 4 can’t come soon enough. I do have one query though, Mr Connelly: what became of Harry’s tache when he hit our screens?

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